Easy to Find; Easy to Get Here


Triplebrook Guest Cottage is on the Westside Highway, an easy and beautiful drive from both            Vashon Heights (north end ferry) and Tahlequah (south end ferry).

From Seattle: Take the Fauntleroy ferry to the Vashon Heights dock. Follow Vashon Highway SW to the top of the hill (0.9 mi.) where the highway turns south. At 1.7 mi. you will see a sign for “Cedarhurst Rd SW.” In another 0.1mi. (at 1.8 mi.) there is a “Y” at the Scott Realty building; take the right fork onto Cedarhurst Road SW. Continue on Cedarhurst Road SW for 2.0 mi. until the road turns to the left and joins Westside Highway SW at the start of a long straight stretch due south (at 3.8 mi.). At the end of the straight stretch in 1.0 mi. (at 4.8 mi.) there is a second “Y;” take the right fork of the “Y” and continue on Westside Hwy 1.5 mi. to “17705” on a blue sign on the right side of the highway (at 6.3 mi.). Turn right into the driveway at the “Triplebrook” gate.

From Tacoma: Take the Point Defiance Ferry to the Tahlequah dock. Follow Vashon Highway SW for 1.8 mi. to a “Y”; take the left fork onto Wax Orchard Road SW (a street sign also points to “Westside Hwy SW” here). Continue north 3.5 mi. to a “T” at SW 220th St (at 5.3 mi.). Turn right, continue for a little more than 0.1 mi., and then take the first left onto Westside Highway SW. Continue north 1.7 mi. until the highway turns to the right (and becomes Cemetery Road). Take the first left (at 7.2 mi.) back onto Westside Hwy SW and continue north 1.7 mi., past the Transfer Site on the right and down a long hill, to “17705” on a blue sign on the left side of the highway (at 8.9 mi.). Turn left into the driveway at the “Triplebrook” gate.

Welcome! Open the gate, come on in, and please close the gate behind you!